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If you found signs of termites on your property,
let us know so we can help you to minimize damage!

Pest Control & Termite Inspection on the same day!  

A complete termite inspection inside/outside, photographs,

findings and recommendations including full Pest Control (ants, cockroaches & spiders) inside/outside.

A termite inspection including complete pest control usually will take about 1 to 2 hours to complete.

We will give you effective, eco-friendly green pest control including 12-month warranty. (condtitions apply)

Ask one of our team members for the best price to service your home!

Pest Control by local professionals 

  • Local experts working in all areas from Brisbane to Northern NSW
  • All readily accessible areas inside your home like skirting, ceiling edges, window frames and door frames will be treated.
  • We also treat all entry points into your home including doorframes, window frames and weep holes
  • We provide safe pest control,  no unnecessary hazardous spraying.
  • We want you to be happy, Up to 12 months warranty!

Any signs pest control is due?

Having regular pest control treatments will keep pests under control. 

  •  take action now before they become a serious infestation, especially when you see small cockroaches..
to book a regular pest control for your home
In their natural environment, termites usually start eating trees from the inside, you will not notice this, until the tree falls over. You will usually not see, hear or know that termites are destroying your home when you look at a window- or doorframe, skirting or plasterboard wall.  Damage is usually not visible ....until extensive damage has been done.