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Free termite check for your home

Free Termite Check

To provide you with all options  to manage-, treat- and protect your home against termites /  white ants, we have a FREE call out service.  

If you think you might have termites, we will check that particular area free of charge.  

When required, we will give you all possilbe options for termite treatment and cost effective solutions.

PS:  A termite check is NOT a full termite inspection

Chance of your home being attacked by termites?

Most of Australia are in Moderate to High to Very High risk areas.  Or in other words,  you have a more than 80% chance your home is within 25 metres of a termite colony.

A CSIRO survey reported 32% of homes had a termite presence. This survey has been confirmed by the Institute of Australian Architects whose survey indicated: One third of all the homes inspected prior to sale last year,  had some termite damage.

Interestingly,  less than 20% of homes are annually inspected by  a professional timber pest inspector (termite inspector).

 So 80% of people living in Australia think it will only happen to the neighbours house.

Do you think it make sense with a 30% chance of getting termites infesting your home,  to prevent it from happening?


- Of the 3,106 species known, only 183 species cause damage; 83 species cause significant damage to wooden structures.

- More than 350 species of termites have been recorded in Australia, of which 16 species have an economic impact.

- It is estimated that 10% of Australian houses have had or will have termite infestations, with that figure rising to 65% in some areas (like in South East Queensland) resulting per annum cost of $4 billion.

- Worldwide, damage caused by termites is estimated at U.S $22 billion per annum in terms of damage to wooden structures 

- Subterranean termites forage for food by means of covered runways (or galleries), which extend rom the central nest to food sources above or below ground (up to 95m away) .

- Reproductive termites are winged, and tend to swarm after summer rains to establish new colonies.

- For 'older' houses, without termite protection, the potential for termite damage is increased. The result of Australia’s previous reliance on the highly persistent organochlorines is that modern housing is quite susceptible to attack by termites, with termites entering buildings through weepholes, expansion joints, service ducts and cracks in brickwork which often extend several courses below ground.

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