Easy ways to
keep termites out

• Check all areas inside and outside for moisture (leaking taps, showers, air-conditioning or hot water overflows, etc.) Termites are attracted to moisture.
• Do not have gardens, trees, plants, mulch or bark too close to the perimeter (walls) of your home.
• Any cellulose-based materials (any timber, wooden articles, cardboard boxes etc.) should not be stored in direct contact with the soil if stored next to-, or underneath your home
• Make sure the termite barriers are in place and not breached. Barriers typically get breached during renovations or when structures like timber decking are being installed. In time, the barrier loses its effectiveness and usually needs to be replenished every three to five years.
• Check all the external walls up to the depth of your concrete slab for little cracks in the grout.  Subterranean Termites only need a crack the size of the thickness of paper to enter your home.
• Check wall cavities, subfloors, roof void, because some termite species like to create sub-nest(s) in your home.
• Use less susceptible materials (no wood) to form garden beds or retaining walls.
• When you find termites:


Can we use a simple spray
to get rid of termites?

Unfortunately, that doesn't work, termites are subterranean. They thrive in dark, preferably concealed, moisture areas. You will not find them
out in the open.
The spray will not get to them. 
When you find and kill a 100 or maybe 1000 termites,
will this stop them, does this help?

No, you disturb them, it makes it harder to find and treat them, because they likely temporarily leave the area, suddenly they are gone.
This happens because termites have a sophisticated alarm system,
but they know there is food, they leave trails of pheromones so they will be back.

Blind And Hungry

Remember a queen termite produces up to 30.000 eggs PER DAY, and they are hungry! (see National Geographic Video)

Would it make makes sense that these (blind) termites, surviving millions of years on our planet, would have developed extremely well-functioning senses to find their basic need? FOOD!

Worth the Gamble?

Unless you have the proper tools, knowledge and are trained in the correct targeted application of termiticides, termites will keep re-infesting the same area.
Maybe not immediately, but they will be back. This can be a costly experience.

Any chance your home being attacked by termites?

Most areas in Australia are in Moderate to High to Very High-risk areas. Or in other words, you have a more than 80% chance your home is within 25 meters of a termite colony.

A CSIRO survey reported 32% of homes had a termite presence. This survey has been confirmed by the Institute of Australian Architects whose survey indicated: One-third of all the homes inspected prior to the sale last year, had some termite damage.

Interestingly, less than 20% of homes are annually inspected by a professional timber pest inspector (termite inspector).

So 80% of people living in Australia think it will only happen to the neighbor's house.

Do you think it makes sense with a 30% chance of getting termites infesting your home, to prevent it from happening?

keep termites out
Ask the Green Termite


We all know a shark can smell a drop of blood in the water miles away. We also know if we leave food on the kitchen bench, often we suddenly have an invasion of ants.

Did you know termites are blind? Would it make makes sense that these termites, surviving millions of years on our planet, would have developed extremely well-functioning senses to find new food sources for their newly born brothers and sisters. They are hunting for any delicious, wet, soft, rotting timber near-, around-, underneat-,  or inside your beautiful home.

Imagine termites are like sharks or ants, they will find their favorite food, in this any traces of rotting timber in the soil from far away.

Any leak or smell of timber, for example, a little crack in the grout of your shower or the waterproofing is defective or even the condense of your aircon unit inside your wall. Water typically drips down to the lowest point of the building; inside a home, this would be the slab.

This moisture with the smell of rotting timber sipping through and ending up on the outside of your home, through a little crack in the grout or next to the drainage pipe penetrating your slab.

This trail with the smell of moisture timber molecules is then used by the termites to follow the same way up to your bathtub. Welcome to McTermite!



Termite damage is usually not visible until extensive damage has been done.


More than 180,000 Australian homes/buildings are attacked each year creating a huge repair bill.

how to keep termites out
Lucky ?

1 in 3 Australian properties are attacked sooner or later – are you the lucky one?

Yes, you should worry

Remember you live in a sub-tropical climate, this is termite country, And yes, termites do fly, breach installed barriers and silly things do happen.
Protecting your biggest asset is no luxury. Prevention is a lot cheaper than the possible repair bill.

Keeping termites out of your home, signs and invitations 

Bubbling plasterboard, window- or doorframes feel hollow

Mud tubes underneath floors, inside cupboards, especially near wet areas like bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Black spots on your walls, moisture areas next to your external walls

Shower, bathroom cracked tiles, loose, noisy floorboards, defective waterproofing and/or grout.

Soft timbers next-, behind gutters, underneath roof tiles, bottom plate in your external wall. 

Little cracks in the external wall near/top 20cm of soil, filled with mud, moisture areas next to your external wall of you home? (leaking gutter, bad drainage, leaking tap, hot water system, airco's, defective waterproofing,  etc. etc.

Is it worth the  gamble?

To keep termites out of your home,
do not gamble with your biggest asset,
it's not worth the risk, nor are the sleepless nights.

We have many years of experience
and have serviced thousands of properties,
both residential, commercial and industrial.

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In their natural environment, termites usually start eating trees from the inside, you will not notice this until the tree falls over. Like the majority of termite infestations inside homes, you usually don't see, hear or know that termites are destroying your home when you look at a window- or doorframe, skirting or plasterboard wall. Termites presence is usually hidden until extensive damage has been done.  

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