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According to CSIRO there is a termite nest
within 25 meters of every home in Queensland.

Termites have been here millions of years,
they are still here, they are not leaving.

Even when you have termite protection installed,
termite barriers get breached,
termites do fly and silly things do happen.

Termite inspections in a sub-tropical climate are no luxury.

Any chance your home being attacked by termites?

Most of Australia are in Moderate to High to Very High-risk areas. Or in other words, you have a more than 80% chance your home is within 25 meters of a termite colony.

A CSIRO survey reported 32% of homes had a termite presence. This survey has been confirmed by the Institute of Australian Architects whose survey indicated: One-third of all the homes inspected prior to the sale last year, had some termite damage.

Interestingly, less than 20% of homes are annually inspected by a professional timber pest inspector (termite inspector).

So 80% of people living in Australia think it will only happen to the neighbor's house.

Do you think it makes sense with a 30% chance of getting termites infesting your home, to prevent it from happening?

keep termites out
Termite inspection gold Coast

Why should I have a termite inspection?

Well you do usually have:

- health insurance
- life insurance
- pet insurance
- car insurance
- home and content insurance

BUT unfortunately, we cannot insure ourselves against termites who usually attack our most expensive asset, creating huge repair bills. 

So, as a minimum shouldn't you then at least have annual termite inspections to minimize possible damage?

Remember, you do not see, hear of know termites are eating your home until extensive damage is done!

Termite inspections are no luxury!

The cost of treating, removing and afterward repairing any termite damage,

exceeds by far costs of termite prevention.

It does make sense that a termite inspection is STRONGLY recommended at least once a year to minimize possible damage. 


Complete Termite inspection 

We usually will carry out a thorough property inspection and inform you of the particular termite species infesting your home and what the most effective termite control method would be.

We will provide you with a full written proposal for the eradication and future control of the termites.

- proposal to get rid of termites

- proposal how to protect your property against future infestations

Note: if you have disturbed termites, they might be gone for the moment at that specific location. Usually, they return or stay in the same area because they know there is food, they leave trails of pheromones. 


Inspection report includes:

- termite activity 

- termite workings and damage 

- termite nests 

- susceptible areas 

- conducive conditions 

- moisture areas; drainage problems & water leaks 

-fungal decay 

-suspected trees and stumps 

- treatments required 

- recommendations how to resolve any found issues 

- photographs of conducive conditions which 

will give you a checklist to effectively resolve any issues.

Regular inspections will not prevent a termite attack but help in the early detection of termite activity.

Early detection will allow termite treatment start sooner and damage to be minimized.

Termite inspection
Most termite damage is not visible until extensive damage has been done. You live in a sub-tropical climate, termite inspections are NO LUXURY!  

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