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In Australia, termites cause more damage to our homes
than all natural disasters combined.
Because in average 1 in 3 homes during its lifespan
is attacked by termites,

In the state of Queensland, it is compulsory
that all new homes have a
termite management system installed.

For existing homes it is not compulsory,
therefore the responsibility to protect
your investment lies with you.

Installing a termite barrier
Termite barriers help to protect your home

What is a termite management system

A termite management system (formerly known as a termite barrier) is usually installed around the external wall of your home.

Is your home surrounded by concrete paving, we will need to drill holes to inject the termiticide underneath the paving.

When you have grass/garden/pebble stones/ bedding next to the external wall, we need to dig a trench next to the external wall of approximately 200mm wide.

Termite management systems can be installed with or without a reticulation system. (refill-system)

Once the termite barrier is installed, you cannot see or smell the barrier.  The barrier does not affect pets or humans because its installed inside the soil or underneath pavers/concrete. 

Termiticides used during this process also play an important role in the protection as far as the longevity of the termite management system.



Unfortunately, people usually take preventative action after the damage is done.

This means that people install a termite barrier once they had termites invading their home.

They now understand that prevention is a lot cheaper, why?

Once you have termites in your home, you usually have to deal with the following:

  • Getting rid of the termites, depending on the type of infestation, this can be a long, frustrating and expensive exercise.
  • Repairing any termite damage
  • Installing termite protection, because now the termites KNOW where the food is, and they will be back!
  • Maintenance inspections, Termites fly and barriers are breached, you still need as a minimum annual termite inspection.

To answer the question, probably good idea to start thinking about protection........

PS: Did you know "Fifty-four per cent of survey respondents believed

homes with termites would lose at least 25 per cent of their value."

Click here to read the article

Treated zone

This means treating the soil around the entire building to provide a zone that will either kill, repell or contaminate any termites that enter the treated soil. Depending on the termiticide used, the treated zone can also affect / eliminate the entire termite colony.

Treating open soil and garden areas involves trenching, spraying/injecting and backfilling.

Treating soil under pavers will require the pavers to be lifted.

Treating soil under concrete and tiles can be performed using two different methods:

Drilling and injecting under high pressure or if possible lifting the tiles and replacing them.

Installation of the termite management system may involve the termporary moving of hot water systems and air conditions systems, drilling, cutting/removal of concrete etc). This will vary according to the unique property situations.

Treated Zones need to periodically replenished. This can be done by a reticulation system (refill system).

drilling holes to install under high pressure a termite barrier


Is it possible to have only one side of my house protected?

Yes, we do install partial barriers. Clients sometimes prefer a partial barrier due to building design, accessibility or financial reasons. 


Termites cannot detect soil treated with a non-repellent 
termiticide (like Termidor).

Termites get infected while travelling through the treated zone, 
unaware that they are in contact with the treated soil. 

Particles of the treatment are transferred to 
other termites while grooming each other. 
This type of barrier aims to kill the nest.
Termidor liquid is usually used for this type of barrier.

Repellent termiticide

A repellent active creates an impenetrable treated zone around the house perimeter. The termiticide binds well with the soil, and as the name suggests, the termiticide within the treated soil around the house perimeter actively repels the termites.

Achieving a full and continuous treated zone is essential. If for any reason, there are any gaps or untreated areas around the house perimeter, it is likely that termites will be funnelled through whilst looking for food.

Termite damage insurance

Warning: General home insurance does NOT cover termite damage to structual timbers. 

As mentioned by the Australian Pest Control Association:


Be wary of any advertising or promise that a timber replacement warranty applies as regards subsequent termite damage to a building using a termite colony elimination system. Does this Contract stipulate in the fine print that the so called "warranty" may (or may not) apply at some future point in time to be decided by the company?"


Since Termidor was introduced into Australia in 2002, it has become one of the most effective termite control products.

Termidor is non-repellent and based on its unique transfer effect between termites.  Termidor is not detected by the termites while they re-infect each other.  They enter the treated zone and unknowingly get infected. This creates a kind of domino effect amongst the termites from this nest.

Unlike other termiticides, Termidor aims to kill the nest instead of killing individual termites.  

Repellent termiticides either repell the termites or if the termites continue their journey they get killed while entering the treated zone.  

TermX Reticulation solution

TermX is a refill system to easily 'top-up' the installed termite management system around your home. 

TermX is easily installed next to the external wall of your home.  The simplicity and materials used warrant longterm protection.

Due to the ease of installation and flexibility of the materials used, TermX is usually cheaper to install compared to other reticulation systems used in Australia.

TermX reticulation system
TermX reticulation system 

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